Monday, March 29, 2010

How to have good prospects AND make the playoffs

Ok, so Fu*king Opera ate my goddamn post about Senators Prospects in response to Muppet's fellating of Burke, so I'm rather pissed and not in the mood to recreate the whole thing.

In short(ish):

Big news to counter the idea that Kadri is the only guy in the BoO worth his salt.

Ottawa Senators today announced the signing of top NCAA scorer Bobby Butler. Remember some kid named Tyler Bozak from the NCAA? Yeah, this kid could eat Bozo. Bigger news: he may dress on Thursday.

Also likely to see some action with the big club this year is Patrick Weircoch. The linked article suggests he could see some action with the Senators in case of injury to the regulars. This kid, once he starts eating a little, could make the Senators the biggest defense in the entire league with Sutton, Carkner and himself.

Oh, and about that whole "Kadri [being] the leading scorer in the OHL playoffs" thing?

Yeah, not in goals. In the BoO prospects pool, that'd go to one Senators prospect, hometown boy (and big one at that!) Cory Cowick.

UPDATE: Brian Elliott named the NHL's top star of the week. Goalies with names starting with G unsurprisingly absent.

UPDATE 2: Weircoch officially signed and headed for Ottawa. Robin Lehner also signed today and headed for Bingo. Link.

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