Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Post game thread

Atlanta @ Toronto

Post Kovalchuck Atlanta Thrashers continue to press for a playoff position with a lovely little win over the NHL Future All-Stars Team to eliminate said team from any hope (was there any?) of making the playoffs. Going forward Toronto's only hope is keeping Boston out of a top lottery spot for the Two Tylers - both of whom, coincidentally, have outscored Kadri over a prolonged OHL season. Oh well, there's always next year, right? Right?

Ottawa @ Washington

Next year's apparent 30th place team must be getting all of it's winning mojo out of the team CNS this year. Taking out the Capitals in a high-scoring affair to hand them their 6th home OT loss this year, the Senators were forced to rely on 'no future' Peter Regin to start things out with an early goal, 'going nowhere fast' Erik Karlsson dealing out 3 assists (including the winner to Kovi), greater-than-point-per-game (but too old and decrepit to play in this league anymore) Daniel Alfredsson for another three, and 'no use to any team' Jason Spezza for a 4 point effort. Nevermind that the Capitals have already locked the EC top spot, they were on a one game losing streak to start this game so they were clearly not to be taken seriously.

Just another typical night in the BoO.

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