Thursday, March 18, 2010

Game Day Threads - Atliens and Devils!

The Sens are in Atlanta tonight, the home of really delicious food and of course, Outkast.


Something tells me Nik Antropov isn't fitting in too well with the hip hop scene down there, but he is on the Thrashers with 59 points in 65 games. He'll be making Karlsson (sp?) look as bad as EVERY LEAF FORWARD did on Tuesday. I'm sure.

Leafs stay put here in Sunny Toronto where the Devils will visit the the Leafs who are easily the Northeast's hottest team right now other than Buffalo, Boston and Montreal.

This one's a bit obvious but who didn't rock out to THIS on a portable stereo in their small town, Nikki Sixx pins in their jean jacket, looking for trouble that just wasn't there? Oh, that was just me?


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