Saturday, March 06, 2010

BoO quickie

Muppet is in Philly and THM is stuck doing some outing with the girly.  So there's no live-bloggy goodness today unless Don or Five-0 manage to put something up in the next few hours.  

There's little meaning to the BoO these days (really, since the lockout there hasn't been much) but the young guys on TO's squad are playing for jobs and contracts next year so they'll be peppy.  Once September rolls around they'll realize that you don't need to work hard once you're on a 1-way or the cap starts to fill up.

Meanwhile, the Sens might have a fair portion of the team full of non-regular rookies and Bingo call-ups.  The latest number I've heard is 8 guys out with the flu, but the hand of Alfie might miraculously cure them all.

So, aside from a meaningless game between kids playing like they have nothing to lose (they don't!) and kids filling in for a game while everyone else recovers, what does tonight bring?

Carkner-Orr 4.

Bring it!

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