Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GDT - Welcome Back Sens fans

Both teams in action tonight and it's nice to have all the BoO fans feeling good all at the same time. Lets not waste this rare opportunity, I expect some smart-ass banter for the next few hours folks.

Panthers @ Leafs: If you ask Bryan McCabe, he'll say Florida are still in the hunt for 8th place. The Leafs are in the hunt for Florida and their very juicy 11th place in the Eastern Conference. Frankly, I like the Leafs chances of reaching their goal better than the Panthers. Which makes this game actually quite important for both teams.

Sens @ Flyers: Ottawa won't clinch a playoff spot if they can win again tonight. Not mathematically anyway. But emotionally it would go a long way and after dropping a bunch of important games since the break, the Sens could prove that last night wasn't just a dog having it's day. We'll see if that's true.

If you can't see the games tonight, or, if like Anshu you end up in a desolate outpost like Florida where you don't get hockey scores, stop by here tomorrow and gauge the mood. You'll be able to tell what happened the minute you read a DC comment. I promise.

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