Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'll say it. Thanks Ottawa.

Beating the Panthers helped you guys, but it helped the Leafs too.

Toronto now 3 points out of 13th spot. 4 points out of 11th.

Can you name the 3rd overall projected player in this draft, without looking it up?
Neither can I. So if Toronto can get out of this jam it should quiet down this Kessel/draft pick nonsense substantially. I mean really, who cares if Boston pick the next Jared Cowen?

I didn't see the Ottawa game at all so no comment there, but as far as the Leafs it was a nice comeback win and Gustavsson slammed the door after a couple of stoppable goals. It's too bad Avery got hurt in the 2nd period... Phaneuf looked to be enjoying hitting him and throwing him around. Shelley wanted nothing to do with Orr either, which is at least the 4th or 5th time in the past 3 weeks I've seen opposition tough guys turn down Orr. His reputation precedes him.

Come on Buds, 7 games left, lets get the hell out of 15th. It's not nearly as tasty as making the playoffs, but it sure beats the hell out of finishing 28th and will provide some redemption. I keep looking back to that 2-16-2 start and wonder what might have been if Toronto had even went 8-10-2. Still bad, but we would be in the playoffs. It's gonna burn come April.

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