Friday, March 12, 2010

Bozak, Stalberg, Hanson and Gustavsson...

It won't be long before the College players of 2010 become available to sign. Burke has already said he will dip in again looking for young talent to add to the Leafs growing depth in that category.

I would say going by all of the above players progression, the college route may be an important cog in the future Leaf machine. Stalberg's play lately suggests something has clicked for him. He almost had the hat trick last night and there is simply no Defence against him screaming up the wing at full speed. Other than the big hit which Volchenkov taught him early and it's a lesson he seems to have learned.

Looking at the Kessel trade alone, one could still argue that the Leafs might have been better off with the 3 picks down the road. But looking at the big picture, you add all these young guns along with trading for Phaneuf and then you factor in Kadri, Giguere, and the removal of some old faces that frankly fans were just sick of looking at, and I think you'll have a hard time finding anybody who can argue that the team is far more promising right now than it was when Burke arrived.

I truly enjoyed that game last night.

I doubt Ottawa fans enjoyed that one quite as much. I had no audio where I was, what the hell was with the giant glass delay??

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