Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten Things

1. Several weeks back I was screaming at my TV during a Leafs game. I said "For Christ's sake Stalberg, start skating and hitting or get the Fu¢k off my team". I can't believe it worked! He has been a beast these last few games. My only regret is that I used up this magic on the Leafs instead of those GM commercials during the Olympics.

2. Kessel can't score on Thomas. One would have to assume that Thomas knows all of Kessel's moves.

3. Kessel needs more moves. Not just for Thomas but for the whole NHL. His whole MO of spinning into the slot to take a wrist shot is about as surprising as those GM commercials after the 3,467th time you saw them. "Ya ya, you're crying and here comes the windshield wipers... kill me". So come up with more moves Kessel, you god damn GM commercial.

4. I didn't realize how much I missed Grabovski. Sure he missed a wide open net and lost the puck in our zone a few times, but he throws wood on the offensive fire and isn't afraid of anything. In fact I heard that in that bar fight in Vancouver he knocked out 26 guys using only his horrific accent.

5. Gustavsson is terribly inconsistent. I suppose that's the mark of a rookie, but still, he can't just play like shit every second game and expect to win. Both him and Giguere are prone to big rebounds. Get the hell on it Allaire.

6. I can't think of one aspect of the game of hockey that Jeff Finger excels in. That guy better be really funny in the dressing room or have a pick-up truck so the other players can call him when they need to move shit around. Contribute something.

7. Dion Phaneuf will be the captain of the Maple Leafs by next December. Calgary are in a playoff spot and scoring goals. Everybody happy with that trade? Excellent!
(...and yet, I still search for the scores of Calgary's game praying they win and that the ex-Leafs helped out so that nobody will suspect that Burke absolutely took Sutter to the cleaners. Anybody else feel this way?)

8. Leafs PK has been better than 90% since January 30th and yet it remains worst in the league. 72% on the season. You have to have one friggen piss poor PK that it can be 90% for 6 weeks and not even move up to 29th in the NHL??

9. I don't even want to talk about the powerplay.

10. It's nice to see a hometown kid like Caputi score his first goal as a Leaf in front of 40 family and friends. Even if it was a tap in that was only available because of a ton of really hard work by Stalberg and Kulemin. Basically, Caputi, Leaf fans are far too damaged to be all enthralled with you because you grew up next door to Canada's Wonderland and you have a Doug Gilmour poster. Keep your head down and your ass in the gym between games. You're on a short leash!

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