Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Poni gets a crack at a cup!

Ponikorovsky to Pitsburgh for LW Luca Caputi and D Martin Skoula.

Talk about the least shocking trade so far of the trade deadline. At least now Poni doesn't have to answer the same question every day at the rink about being traded.

Luca Caputi I can understand. 6'3", 200lb - 47 points in 54 games and 61 PIMS to go with it. A total Burke player and only 21 years old.

Admittedly I don't even know how to pronounce his name.

The Leafs also get Martin Skoula. A head scratcher for sure. The Leafs need another defenceman like Ottawa need to trade another draft pick for a rental. Over at Toronto Sports Media they think Skoula will be dealt by tomorrow for a late round pick.

Me personally, I wonder if the Leafs have trades in place for perhaps more than one of our defenceman and Skoula was brought in to finish out the season in place of Exelby and whomever else who gets shipped out.

Caputi is a Toronto boy, seems to have some good AHL numbers and is listed as a top three prospect for Pittsburgh. Really though, have the Leafs simply bought themselves some years at a cheaper salary for Poni? Looks that way.

I guess it's better than a 2nd round pick from a team likely to pick near the back of the round.

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