Thursday, March 04, 2010

Actually, the Leafs season is not lost!

Andy's mention in the previous thread of the Sens remaining schedule not being too tough prompted me to see what the Leafs have in store from now until game #82.

A couple of games against the Sens, a few against the Isles... maybe a little bit meaningful (Toronto could technically catch the Islanders I suppose, and playing the Sens is always a good one).

However Leaf fans might really really enjoy the final game of the year against the Habs. Who could forget knocking them out of a playoff spot a few years ago? That was fun. Given Montreal's current hold on 7th spot as I write this, this opportunity might present itself again!

BTW, I'm in Philly this weekend. Probably won't be able to partake in the BoO Battle blog as our teams meet, but I will be at the Flyers-Leafs game on Sunday. Wearing my Leaf jersey. Getting beers thrown at me.

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