Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BoO Game Day Thread - the politically correct edition!

No jokes about the sexual orientation of hockey players. No hysteria-inducing references to ballet's, and no postings of that guy in the Maple Leafs fairy costume that comes up every 3 months or so. Not yet anyway.

Just the final game of the season series.

Here's where we stand before the puck drops on game #6:

WIN/LOSS: Toronto 3 Ottawa 2
GOALS SCORED: Toronto 13 - Ottawa 8

Besides the one 5-0 blowout, every game has been decided by a single goal.

If you look at the standings it would appear this game means more for Ottawa. Simply not true. The Buds are a measly decimal point away from being the youngest team in the NHL and there are a lot of players who are fighting hard to instill enough confidence in Brian Burke that he keeps the cheque book in his pocket come July 1st.

Ottawa do need some wins. They have an 8 point lead on the Rangers who sit in 9th, so it's by no means desperation time, but another 5 or so games like they've had since the Olympic break and it could get ugly.

There will be fights. There will be booing of the hometown captain in his own barn. There will certainly be a fight between Orr and Carkner. Neil will definitely push a 150 lb rookie around after the whistle and not drop the gloves when Orr comes knocking. And going by the goaltending lately, for both teams, there will be some lamps all brightly red.

THM or Don post right over me this afternoon if you feel so inclined, I came into work early for a 9am conference call and thought I'd get started on the back and forth.

Sens suck. Nice day out though huh?

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