Thursday, March 04, 2010

Game Day Thread - Post Trade Deadline Edition

Both teams will get to see their newly minted deadline acquisitions in action tonight and both games go at 7pm.

Ottawa @ Carolina
The Hurricanes have in the last week subtracted 5 players from their line-up. It would appear that Rutherford maybe wants to halt this winning streak knowing damn well that at this point a 3rd overall pick is better than a 7th. Too bad JFJ didn't figure this out a few years ago. It's good news for the Sens, although LeClaire will get his first start in what feels like forever so the game may come down to how he responds. Leaf fans will tell you, that Peters kid in the Carolina net isn't half bad. I'll predict that the team who has thrown in the towel on the season with the hot rookie goalie wins. That would be Carolina, 4-2.
Leafs @ Bruins
Some day in the future a game between these teams won't be wrapped around the Kessel deal and the Leafs place in the standings. Right now it is. Boston beating the Leafs helps them in the standings and at the draft. Toronto's new kid on the block Caputi will make real his childhood dream and put on a Leaf jersey. Raise your hand if you're Leaf fan who has long since cared if a kid is from Toronto. We just want somebody to be good. The Leafs won't be, however and this will be yet another defeat. I'll go with 2-1, since Boston can't seem to score.

As a Leaf fan I can't wait for these last 20 games to just be over...

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