Saturday, March 27, 2010

Game Day Thread - Saturday night is alright edition!

What a night in store for those of us here who follow the UFC.

Starting at 7pm, it's hockey for both sides of the BoO aisle, and then right into an exceptional UFC 111 featuring St Pierre VS Hardy.

I hope for your sake you've earned lots of credits with the wife or GF because this would be a good night to cash them in.


As I was just saying in a previous comment, the Rangers missing the playoffs will be an absolute disaster. Would Sather finally be axed if that's how it goes down?
Toronto has been playing real well lately and I'm sure they're not a team the Rangers want to face with their season hanging by a thread. I say Lundquist and co leave the ACC real disappointed. Leafs 3 Rangers 1. Kessel gets his 30th.


Ottawa have won 3 in a row now and look perhaps to be over their struggles since the Olympic break. I read that Elliott made 41 saves last night, so we'll assume he's back in there tonight? I don't watch enough Ottawa games, so you'll have to tell me - is Elliott the main reason for the 3-0 stretch? If so, I'm gonna wager he's pretty tired after last night and call this one a 4-1 win for Florida. Spezza with at least 2 giveaways. If they play Leclaire, lets make it 5-1 Panthers.


Every time GSP fights I can't help but buy into some of the hype surrounding his opponent. Alves was gonna knock him out I was being told, and so I was pretty nervous for that one. Penn was going to be his biggest challenge ever, which had me biting my fingernails down to nubs. Neither of those fighters came close.
Now everybody is saying the same thing about Hardy, that he has the knock-out power to take this one. The odds are still heavily in GSP's favour but as it goes, one lottery punch is all it takes and Rush's reign at the top will be temporarily over. So in staying with tradition, I'm nervous, but looking forward to it.

Enjoy your weekend.

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