Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Game Day Thread: Draft position Edition.

Leafs vs Boston:
With Savard injured the Bruins can't like their chances of making the playoffs anymore. In fact it's such a huge loss that this actually could mean they draft twice in the top 5 for the first time since the Islanders did it in 2000. Boston are 8 points away from a 4th or 5th overall pick as of today. It's gotta be on Chiarelli's mind and frankly wouldn't that be better than just missing the playoffs?

The Leafs do 3 games in 4 nights for the second straight week, but the first 3 games are at home. So if I decide to go to a game I won't have my "Go Leafs Go" chants met with Philly fans screaming U-S-A, nor will some 350 lb guy tell me in a parking lot that my country has no army and that America has to protect us. He was a little puzzled when I asked him "protect us from what"?

Grabovski is back in the line-up and Gustavsson will get his first start since Spezza and Kovalev couldn't get one past him in the SO on Saturday.

Ottawa at Edmonton:
Ottawa on the other hand haven't tasted victory since the Olympic break, just a lot of vomit. One question I would have: Why did everyone play with the flu except for Afraidsson?

It looks like netminding has once again become the topic of conversation in Ottawa. Although maybe that will subside a little since Leclaire played pretty good against Toronto. Ottawa probably want to win this game. Not only to avoid embarrassment, nor to help themselves in the standings, but to help keep Toronto from wearing "last in the NHL" for the entire summer.
We would appreciate it.

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