Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Phil F'n Kessel. And don't you forget it.

The Leafs young budding star is on pace to play 70 games this season, as he did last year, so long as he stays healthy.

When he came over to the Leafs, many people said his 36 goals last year was all thanks to Marc Savard. He would never accomplish the same on a pathetic Leaf team. Apparently, he also came with baggage, an attitude, poor discipline, blah blah blah. It would seem Sens fans will throw all caution to the wind in order to downplay a Leaf player.

While it may be true that Kessel will not reach 36 goals again, here is a comparison between this year and last:

Sadly, Kessel will not play against the Sens again this year. He seems to like the BoO a lot more than the Bruins tilts where he want pointless. In fact he had a few stretches of no output, along with a missed training cam, 12 missed games, and of course recovering from surgery on his shoulder. Yet, here he is, 11 points away from matching last years points totals with 12 games to go.

Enjoy the draft picks Boston, you deserve them for this guy...

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