Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You Made Me Do This

While senators fans are revelling in the current downturn in fortunes for the Leafs I would remind them that their GM also picked up a second consecutive gold star in crappy deadline dealing. Here is a nice visual reminder of what happened last year.

I don't know my favourite part of that clip. Is it Jeannerette losing it? Or watching limp wristed stick check from Alfie and Redden (the 'leaders')? Or seeing Emery step up his game in a big moment? Or knowing that last year's sens team was much better than this one?

And because I'd hate to be one-sided, here is a video made by some Sabres' fans. The Unintentional Comedy is off the charts. Was it a coincidence that last night was the first Leafs-Sabres game when some of their big stars were missing and it was the only one of the five in which I didn't hear the words 'embellish' or 'dive' directed towards the Slugs?

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