Friday, February 02, 2007

Stay Tuned

From the hurting mike w at Covered:
The Bertuzzi/Luongo trade may have to be the most lopsided trade ever, with Joe Thornton for Sturm and Stuart a close second. Any other horrendous Eastern Conference deals up for grabs, jerks?

I think JFJ will have the final hilarious word on that, but with the buds recent record it looks like he's holding off on the Exploding Death Star option for this season.

Predictions (from my Sudafed/Advil/Fisherman's Friend induced delirium):

6-2 Sens. Heater with a quad, Spezz / Fish with one each (gotta love this new second line, 'specially against the Leafs). Sundin and Ponikarovsky keep it close early, but then they roll over in the third like they're supposed to.

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