Saturday, February 17, 2007


It's 3:40pm, Saturday, I just flicked on the TV to catch some of the HNIC warm-up game, The Senators vs. The Thrashers.
Atlanta have the lead, 1-0.
So far, so good.

Toronto plays the Oilers at 7pm, which should be a good one. Two quick teams battling for their playoff lives. The Oil are the NHL's lowest scoring team and have only 55 goals on the road. That's bad. Really bad. And for all you Leaf fans who had to listen to Sean McCormick's crap all summer and fall on his sportsnet blog, the Oilers being in 9th and mired in a downward spiral is very pleasing.
Maybe the Big Dude should consider calling himself The Big Mouth? Or The Big Jinx, if Oiler fans choose to blame their plummeting season on McCormick's overly cocky ways. I know I want them too.

I have my own hockey game at 7, so I'm hoping the 1967 team love-in takes a long time and I won't miss much past the first period while we play.

Enjoy the games.

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