Friday, February 09, 2007


I never read Jim Kelley's Backhands column before but I think I will next time...
The Buzz: Toronto goaltender Andrew Raycroft is hot again and a save in a recent game at St. Louis has more jaws flapping than the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

The BACKHAND: Nice, and some of it is well deserved, but hard to warm up to a guy who blew off a post-game, on-ice interview when a Toronto-based mic stick tried to toss a bone his way when things weren't going quite as well. Raycroft may not thank us swarthy media types for bringing this up, but class shows. Martin Broduer could teach Raycroft a few things, and not just about how to play the flop shot.

The Buzz: Ottawa coach Bryan Murray heads into the final months of the season with no ongoing talks regarding a new contract.

The BACKHAND: So what. This goes on all the time in the new NHL. Craig MacTavish did it. Lindy Ruff did it. Peter Laviolette did it. Nobody dies on this except sportswriters who think everything should be viewed from their perspective. News flash: All these guys can coach. They take their chances in a tough business environment. Oh, and one more thing. The days of golden parachutes for just about everybody in hockey are fast coming to an end. Murray's situation is fast becoming the norm, not the exception.

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