Friday, February 02, 2007

Big money at play in Razor game?

It seems that Toronto's old money is influencing the print media in their campaign to keep the Razor nickname in Hogtown. They convinced the Sun papers to carry this headline on their AP summary of Wednesday's game - a headline that has very little relevance to the story that followed:
Razor holds his edge
Leafs goalie stops 37 shots

NEW YORK (AP) - Mats
Sundin put 16 years of experience...
While that Toronto money may be able to buy off the Sun headline writers, it won't be able to influence the game when the players are on the ice.

Or will it?

A reliable source has informed me that a significant number of NHL referees are from the Toronto area or within a few hours drive or may have some family members living somewhere in or around Toronto. Can they be influenced?

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