Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last words on Roberts

Feeling the need to move that video down the page, here's an interesting column from Shoalts regarding the Roberts negotiations:
There was fury in the Leafs' executive suite because Ferguson and his aides felt Panthers general manager Jacques Martin and his assistant, Randy Sexton, brushed off a better offer from the Leafs for little more than spite. They feel Martin had no intention, despite Roberts' public stand he would only waive his no-trade clause for the Leafs or Ottawa, of making a trade with either club, but was not upfront with them about it.
Those around Ferguson wonder why Martin simply could not say upfront he had no intention of trading Roberts to Toronto. They wonder because of a couple things. As the head coach of Ottawa, he lost three consecutive playoff series to the Leafs and he also is great friends with former Leafs coach Pat Quinn, who was fired by Ferguson last year.
Also, Mendes has thoughts on our perception of Roberts:
In my humble opinion, the legend of 'Gary Roberts - Playoff Hero' is a creation of the Toronto media.

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