Saturday, February 17, 2007

Twice as Nice

In the early game the senators picked up their 3rd come from behind win over the free-falling Thrashers (is there a to read?). The senators move into a tie with the Penguins for 4th in the conference and are looking like they might catch the Devils as well which would set up the first round series that I am sure every sens fan wants to see: Ottawa v. Martin Brodeur.

In the main event the 1967 Leafs got a nice tribute, a nice ovation, and we all got to see Dave Keon's fur coat. I can only assume that he forgot his hat and pimp stick at home. During the game the Leafs got braces from John Pohl and Mats Sundin to edge the Oilers 4-3. The second goal by the Captain was especially nice as he dominated Steve Staios down low before bursting to the front of the net and slotting the puck home on the far side. Watch Sportsnet Connected to see Sean McCormick hang himself with his shoelaces. It would have been his tie but they are casual over at the 'Net.

And the cherry on top for fans of the BoO? Cristobal Huet is out for the season (I am sure he is disappointed at getting off that sinking ship) and the Carolina Hurricanes beat the Habs 5-3 to hand them their 6th straight loss.

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