Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's It Gonna Take?

Tough game for the sens especially the last goal which was initially described as a brilliant pass but was really nothing more than an evil joke on the fans of the politicians. All is not lost though, over the next two games the sens can do their part in pushing Habs' fans off the cliff by stringing together two wins. I think that I speak for most Leaf fans when I say 'Go sens Go' (I just threw up a little) because Habs fans were oh so confident about 20 games ago and their rattled psyches are delightful to mess with. Check out for the MOST reactionary comments ever to seemingly sane posts.

James Mirtle (via Conrad) has continued his tradition from last year of updating the records that each team needs in order to reach the playoff threshold of 95 points. Here is the initial table and be sure to check out Mirtle's site for periodic updates.

Western Conference
Nashville - 9-18-0
Detroit - 9-17-1
Anaheim - 10-16-1
San Jose - 12-15-0
Calgary - 15-14-0
Dallas - 14-13-1
Vancouver - 15-11-1
Minnesota - 16-10-1
Colorado - 19-9-1
Edmonton - 19-8-1
Phoenix - 21-5-1
St. Louis - 22-5-1
Chicago - 23-5-0
Columbus - 24-4-0
Los Angeles - 25-0-1

Eastern Conference
Buffalo - 8-17-1
New Jersey - 11-16-1
Atlanta - 14-12-0
Pittsburgh - 16-13-0
Montreal - 15-11-1
Ottawa - 16-11-0
Tampa Bay - 16-10-1
Toronto - 17-10-1
N.Y. Islanders - 18-10-0
Carolina - 17-9-0
N.Y. Rangers - 20-8-0
Boston - 21-8-1
Washington - 21-5-1
Florida - 22-5-0
Philadelphia - Cannot get 95 (max 91)

All in all, it looks pretty good for the combatants in the BoO. Both records are within the team's abilites, they certainly aren't being asked to play like gods like poor LA, and the team's behind them have definitely not shown the ability to reel off the sort of streak that is being asked of them now. It looks like one year after their Cinderella run to the finals and a mere seven months after unveiling the greatest collection of forwards ever that the Oilers will miss the playoffs. Fellow finalists Carolina are also in a tough spot.

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