Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Merry Deadline Day!

Canada's biggest unofficial holiday (imagine if they paired it up with St. Patrick's Day?) is done. Lots of moves ranging from the shocking (Smyth to NYI, on Messier Night, the EIG is paging the riot police) to the odd (Brad May to the Ducks? Another person that fights?) to the brilliant (Tkachuk for 80 Billion draft picks) and everything in between.

Here are the trades that affect the two greatest franchises in Ontario (the Leafs and the Marlies) and the sens:

Leafs get: Yanic Perreault - He'll help with faceoffs and penalty killing. Basically Travis Green but with more (some) scoring and less grit. Third stint with the team. UFA at the end of the year. Also pick up a 5th round pick in 2007.

Leafs trade: Brendan Bell - realistically, only 9th on the Leafs depth chart. 2nd rounder in 2008 (thanks DJ!) which is supposed to be a weak draft.

Sens get: Oleg Saprykin - Another skilled player (read: soft). That first rounder for Roberts doesn't look so bad now.

Lawrence Nicholat - who?

Sens trade: Andy Hedlund - Again, who? and a 6th round pick in 2008.

Basically, both clubs spun their wheels. John 'have you seen my testicles' Muckler and John 'I sat on my hands as long as I could' Ferguson Jr. did passable impressions of a high school date. Lots of talk turned into nothing.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Conference, the Sabres blew it (Regier is a genius? Two Fs in a row), the Pens missed the boat (no D?), and Garth Snow made Leaf fans sweat bullets (Smyth? You sneaky bastard Snow!).

This will make the race even tighter to say the least.

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