Thursday, February 22, 2007

On Tap

Tonight both teams square off with eastern conference opponents.

At 7:00, the Sens travel to the armpit of America with some controversy following in their wake. From the same people who brought you such classics as "Lets Sign Redden Instead of Chara", and "Hey, We Don't Need Havlat Lets Get Corvo and Gerber Instead", their latest hit is "Let's Start a Pointless Goaltending Controversy", which you can watch here.

The 7:30 game, or, "The Main Event" as any involving the Leafs has come to be known, features two teams deadlocked in the standings. Toronto have been hot on the road and the Islanders have reaped the benefits of a coach they actually like.
This should be a good one. Both teams need the win, however if you're a betting man, put your loonies on the Leafs. They are the favourites 160 to 190 according to Proline.

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