Monday, April 12, 2010

Ten Things

The hangover has just begun for Leaf fans. Thankfully, we will have 6-8 weeks of playoff hockey to keep our minds off what has just transpired. In the meantime...

1. Ottawa and Montreal are the only two teams in the playoffs who had a minus goal differential on the season. The Habs would be in 12th place in the west and if the Sens were an expansion team from Seattle instead of Ottawa, they would be emptying their lockers today with a 9th place finish. They would also be in Seattle, looking forward to a beautiful ocean view and incredible restaurants instead of dinner at a Kelsey's next to a river.

2. Raise your right hand if you are very seriously considering NOT picking ANY San Jose Shark players in your office playoff pool.

3. This link deserves more applaud so I'll re-paste it ask: "Evander, could you do this to Avery next year too"?

5. Brian Burke's outgoing press conference today will consist of a lot of negative marks for himself, his coaches and his players. He'll be right. Although he will get some good marks for how the team finished, how he did as GM at the Olympics, and how he handled his son's coming out and then sudden death. It's been a tough year for Brian. One hopes he takes a few weeks and gets some sleep because with all due respect he looks just terrible.

6. Raise your left hand if you're now suddenly worried that if you don't take any Sharks in your pool will this be the year they go to the finals...

7. ODDS OF WINNING THE CUP: Washington Capitals 4/1, Pittsburgh Penguins 5/1, San Jose Sharks 5/1, Chicago Blackhawks 5/1, Detroit Red Wings 6/1, New Jersey Devils 10/1, Vancouver Canucks 10/1, Phoenix Coyotes 12/1, Buffalo Sabres 12/1, Ottawa Senators 20/1. ODDS THAT SENS FANS WILL MENTION THE LEAFS AT LEAST 27 TIMES TODAY AT BoO: 2-1

8. Speaking of bets, who wants to bet me that Ottawa don't make it out of the first round? $100. Money can go to a 3rd party until the series is over. Any takers? DC?

9. Raise both your hands if you're now completely insane trying to make your office playoff pool picks because now you're worried Colorado might upset San Jose...

10. You put down your arms and take all Detroit and Pittsburgh players and call it a day.

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