Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The term that defines the Leaf season. Not pugnacity, testosterone, truculence or belligerence.

The Star:
Leaf fans booed their club off the ice after a flat second period which saw the powerplay blanked three times, including a final time in the last two minutes of the frame. Boos also rang out at the end of the game. The players gathered at centre ice and saluted the fans with a stick-raising gesture, but at least half the patrons had exited the building by then.

The Sun:
Leafs leading scorer Phil Kessel shook off the muscle strain or cramp that had caused him to miss much of Saturday's game against Boston as well as practice on Monday and was back in the lineup. That too came with a message from Wilson after a relatively soft effort from Kessel. "We want him to play and he's got to play through (the injury)," Wilson said. The game was likely the chance for a handful of Leafs to play in front of a Toronto home crowd and what a bad
taste that will leave.

Look forward to next year though Leaf fans - Boogard and Bertuzzi are UFAs!

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