Tuesday, April 06, 2010

GDT - Hockey games playing tonight.

For the Leafs it's all about finishing strong and heading into the summer and next season with the feeling that things have changed and better days are ahead.

For Ottawa it's waiting for the playoffs to start.

We didn't talk much about Ottawa losing 4-1 to NYI, not that it matters much in the standings, but one would think the Senators don't want to go on one of their losing streaks at this point in time. Maybe Captain 1000 can help ensure his team doesn't go out in the 1st round for the 5th time since 1999?

Frankly, I would rather be waiting for the playoffs to start than looking for signs that next year will be better. So Leaf fans, you can't really say much this week that will ruffle the feathers of Sens fans. But hitting rock bottom after the first 20 games I guess Leaf fans should just be happy things are actually looking up. It could be worse. Burke could have traded Rask for Raycroft instead of Blake and Toskala for Giguere. Things will be better for you starting in about 6 months. We just have to hang in there.

Flyers @ Leafs 7pm.
Ottawa @ Florida 7pm.

Leaf fans will take note that Ottawa play the Lightning and Panthers in the next few days. So the Leafs rise out of 28th will be partially in the Senators hands. So you can secretly cheer for Ottawa unless you, like me, don't see any value in Tampa getting Hall or Sequin over Boston. An eastern team is drafting in the #2 slot. That much is pretty certain.

The Leafs may still have the chance to eliminate Montreal from the playoffs this Saturday, but it will require a loss against the Ranger tomorrow to stand a chance of that so I don't know how you feel about that!

Lastly, a few buddies and myself are heading to Kitchener to see Kadri and the Knight's tomorrow night. Front row, $21. Last time we'll ever get to pay that littloe to see Nazem, future Calder winner!

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