Monday, April 19, 2010

Ten Things: First Round Playoff Edition

1. It's 8:49am and already three people have stopped by my desk to talk about Crosby. His moves, his hit on Afraidsson and his domination of hockey in general. "He's the best in the world" was one man's coffee-rattled opinion. And yet, I think I read at least two Sens fans yesterday who called him a "puke", and a few more more who called him a diving something or other. That's the playoffs for you. It's perfectly normal during a series to hate a player who may just be the best on the planet right now. The question is, will you keep hating him after the series or is this temporary?

2. In the last ten NHL playoffs (since 1999) EVERY team in the NHL has made the playoffs at least once. What's more interesting is that every single team in the NHL has been eliminated in a 1st round series during that stretch.

3. In the same stretch, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Ottawa are the NHL leaders in first round exits. 5 times each. The only question now is who will fall for a 6th time?

3. San Jose lost in the first round twice since 1999. Neither of those series were under Ron Wilson's watch.

4. The Leafs have only lost in the first round once since 1999. Helping to ensure the Leafs have a league low in this category over that stretch? Sucking ass and not making the playoffs in the first place.

5. If you actually think Karma exists I offer this retort: Daniel Carcillo.

6. The Sharks are looking like crap again this playoffs. If they fall in the first round or even the second, it will be a colossal failure for that franchise. I officially declare today the day we officially all agree that Ron Wilson wasn't the problem.

7. Speaking of failures, who if anybody will wear the Sens playoff failure if they do go out in the first round? One would assume that Clouston is safe since he's done a fairly good job all things considered. Afraidsson is getting pre-game celebrations thrown at him so certainly Sens fans will never blame him for their 6th first-round departure in 11 playoffs. Will this be Murray's head, or will Sens fans and more importantly Melnyk even see a first round exit against the Cup champs as a failure?

8. I like everything about Phoenix going far in the playoffs except for one thing: It will make Bettman right. He said this franchise could turn around and it has, remarkably fast. More proof on that whole karma thing.

9. It's only the first round and already my wife is getting a little edgy about how much hockey I'm watching in the den. She can't understand why I care so much now that the Leafs are eliminated? So I said I would cut it back and follow in full on TV only one series per round. I feel OK with this since starting next season I will be watching the Leafs in the playoffs and won't even be home most nights.

10. It's been six years since there's been a playoff game in Toronto. I figure at some point today somebody will mention it on this blog. Lets just get it out of the way now huh?

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