Sunday, April 18, 2010

GDT: Eastern Quarter Final game 3. 6:30 start

Ottawa exceeds expectations first by making the playoffs (preseason expectations were to miss)  then splitting the present series against the defending Stanley Cup Champions.  Coming home from Pittsburgh where the match-up saw a dialing up of the physicality, we can foresee a continuance of the smash-n'-bash highlighted by the best clean hockey hit of the year followed shortly thereafter by the best 1st assist of the year (fuck you Chris Campoli - learn how to block a shot). 

Pittsburgh has become our post-lockout nemesis and this series looks to take the rivalry to a 2nd level.  ScotiaBank Place will be insane this evening and, unless we get the post-aggressive lameness we've seen in match ups of the past, there will be tonnes of hits.  

There is absolutely nothing like watching your team in the playoffs.    You hear that Leafers?

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