Thursday, April 01, 2010

Shiny, happy, go-go time.

Lest it be suggested too much of my time is focussed on the Leafs 5th consecutive season of abysmal performance, it's time for an Ottawa Senators post (usually I let Muppet take these, but I'm pretty sure the Paxil cocktail he might've started yesterday has yet to begin working).  

How good is it to play for the Ottawa Senators?  Well, we certainly don't have the NHL's losingest (is that a word??) coach in the last three years [notwithstanding Paul Maurice whom, not coincidentally started his shit record with the Leafs] treating his players like garbage.

Well, I'll spare you my interpretation and go directly to a quote from newcomer Andy "Mount" Sutton:

“This is the most committed bunch of guys I’ve ever been around,” said Sutton, an 11-season veteran of five NHL teams. “You just feel it and I think guys feed off it. I’ve tried to lead that way and I think we’ve got guys here who will do whatever it takes to win.

“That’s a team you want to play for.”

A sentiment not shared for the Blue & White down the 401.

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