Thursday, April 29, 2010

How about those Habs?

I'm actually quite excited about it. No no, not because I like the Habs or dislike the Caps. I couldn't care less which team got through and if it makes some of my Montreal buddies happy for a few days than so be it. Did I think they would beat the Caps? Absolutely not, so It was surprising and you have to tip your hat.

No, what's really exciting for me is that 95% of people took Washington players in my office playoff pool. This little upset just positioned me to win some money on hockey. A trend I do believe will continue with my bets with THM here at BoO. Although we'll have to wait more than a few weeks for that one.


Just had a quick peak at salary cap for next season. Leafs have $44M committed and the Sens $49M. Sens have 16 players signed while the Leafs have 13, although that number is skewed since it does not include anybody who didn't play on the team last season. Both teams could be bringing along a prospect or two this year.

What is the cap ceiling supposed to be this season? Anybody?

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