Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rise of the Phoenix?

Fuck the 'Yotes for interfering with my headline;  this isn't about them or Buttman.  

This is about the Ottawa Senators and potentially Jonathan Cheechoo.   The Senators are down 2-1 against the Sidney Crosby and some teet-suckling fanboys who join him on the ice.  It's apparently time to let go of reason and bash the crap out of anything that moves.  Desperation hockey rarely results in victory.  I'm personally hoping they elect controlled chaos.  Biig hits can be quickly replaced by big misses.   

The Ottawa Citizen has it right in their headline.   Crosby need merely be contained - not maimed.  When hit, he gets revenge; when contained he gets his soother out.  

One aspect the Senators may be bringing back (gone away with the loss of Michalek) getting to MAF.  Cheechoo and Donnovan may dress tonight in place of Shannon and (???) and achieve that goal.

Could Cheechoo be Ottawa's rising phoenix (fuck you AZ) today?    Wouldn't that be quite the story.

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