Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guest post - Yoda

Our resident Pens fan writes in...

So with the playoffs around the corner I want to throw my views out there. I know Duff will whole-heartily agree with everything I say here. :)

First My prediction, Pens in 5 games. First 2 go to the Pens in Pittsburgh, then they Split in Ottawa and the Pens put the nail in the coffin back at home in Game 5.

I’m basing this on being a Pens fan and the fact that:

• Goaltending
Elliot wins all the Stats except for Games won. But with 12 fewer games played it’s a close call.
Playoff Experience: Fleury wins

Centers: (Top 4) Overall Edge Pittsburgh
Points: Pittsburgh wins 260-171. This one isn’t even fair. Jordan stall the 3rd line center has 4 fewer goals than Ottawa’s top goal getter in Mike Fisher. I think someone misses Heatley!
Face Off %: Ottawa Wins. Crosby wins this battle at 55.9%.
+/- : Pittsburgh wins with a combined +38 for the top 4 centers. Ottawa was +4

Wingers: (Top 8) Overall Edge Pittsburgh
Points: Pittsburgh Wins 191 to 158. Though Alfraidsson leads the way with 71
+/-: Pittsburgh wins -5 to -21. Matt “One Punch” Cooke leads the way at a plus 17

Defense: (Top 8) Overall Edge Pittsburgh
Points: Pittsburgh Wins 199-139. The Sarge wins the individual at 50 Points
+/-: Pittsburgh wins +22 to -10. Phillips wins at a +8

Enough with the stats. The only advantage Ottawa has is maybe their top shut down pair but that is negated by having to go up against 3 solid scoring lines. Anyway you cut it I can’t see Ottawa winning unless Elliot can become the next coming of Patrick Roy & Ken Dryden. Pittsburgh has the advantage of last change should the series go long along with the Home Ice factor

THM Addendum:  Much past commentary makes a lot more sense now :)

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