Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Next year, right?

25 games.  1 goal.  Dion Phaneuf everyone.  Now watch him keep the goal judge busy.  

1 game.  5 goals.  Jonas Gustavsson everyone.  Now watch him seal up that five hole.  

10 games.  4 wins.  The much-improved Toronto Maple Leafs everyone.  Now watch them go on a winning streak to end the season.

For all the talk about how Toronto is the best team since the Olympic break, in the last 10, there are but 7 teams with worse records.  Looking at it from a positive perspective (or negative if you're a Leafer), that means there are 22 teams better than the Leafs over the last 10 games.  Given that last 10, I guess Hakim Optical must be having a sale on pink-tinted glasses in the GTA.

Ottawa winning 66.7% of games since the beginning of the 11 game win streak.  Now that's positive.

Afterthought:  Having a look at the standings and remaining games as of this morning, the Leafs may have done something good by losing last night (not considering the Boston outlook).  By losing to NYR, the Leafs allowed the Rangers to have a shot at the post season.  AND, it is maintaned that the Habs could still miss.  With a loss tonight to Carolina and a NYR win tomorrow night against Philly, the stage could be set for the Leafs to eliminate the Canadiens in the final game of the season in the Bell Centre with a regulation win.

Imagine the Habs fans watching the Leafs take out their team on home turf.  This would be EPIC.

So, in a show of solidarity in seeking the demise of the co-hated Habitants I say this (and only in this situation does it avoid an ulcer):  go leafs go.

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