Friday, April 09, 2010

Leafs could do what Ottawa might not...

Eliminate a team from the playoffs.

For a few days this was looking insanely unlikely, but now Toronto's ability to eliminate Montreal from the post season on Saturday night has been upgraded to just "highly unlikely".

These FOUR things need to happen:
(Thanks to SENS4LIFE for facts):

1. Rangers need to win both their remaining games
2. Philadelphia can lose both games against NYR but must get at least 1 OT point.
3. Boston need one point from their remaining two games
3. Leafs must beat Montreal on Saturday, on HNIC, in Montreal.

It's a freaking long shot but if it comes down to it, the Leafs could taste a small bit of joy before the misery of watching 16 teams not named the Maple Leafs fight for the Stanley Cup.

IN OTHER NEWS... Ottawa have one game remaining in their season. What's noteworthy for me is that Ottawa fans, going by their enthusiasm here at BoO, seem to consider 09/10 an exceptional bounce-back year. Faith in the team is at an all-time high. And yet, if they don't win their final game, the Sens will go into the post-season with the exact same amount of points (94) as they did two years ago when they were bounced in four straight. Adding to the eeriness, Ottawa could face Pittsburgh again who could mathematically end the season with the same points as they did in 07/08 also.

I'm hungover, How about you?

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