Monday, April 12, 2010

Quiz time!!

Ok, it's quiz time here at the BoO.  Today's quiz will be easy for some, difficult for others, the divide likely based on the colour of hockey jersey you wear in the basement.

Today's question:   is the following quote (after the jump) from an Ottawa Senator or Toronto Maple Leaf?

“It’s so funny how, especially when you’re locked in the playoffs, you get to the end of the season and you kind of feel tired. It’s been a long year, and all of a sudden you wake up the next day and you’re excited and you have energy, because the playoffs are here. It’s so much mental. That’s why we play the game, that’s why we’ve gone through all these ups and downs in a long season. It’s just to get to the post-season.

“Now we’ve given ourselves an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup, and that’s what everyone’s dream is.

Question 2 : in what grade would a child be if said child was conceived on the night of the last Leafs playoff game?  Here is a little assistance for answering this question.

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