Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What To Do?

So the Leafs' season is over. It took me a couple of days to come to terms with missing the playoffs by one point, a situation that I had feared all year, but the light at the end of the tunnel was that after the Leafs' last back-to-back early golf outings they made the conference final the next year. Sure, people will say "Do you think that a team that missed the playoffs two years in a row will do anything but miss it again next year?" or "LEAFS SUCK!!!1" but in the two seasons before 1999's trip to the ECF the Leafs had compiled seasons of 68 and 69 points so they are better position this year than then. So smile Leaf fans and save up for the playoff run next year. The ticket fund already has one spring of savings in it.

The larger, and more pertinent to this site, question is what do Muppet and I do during the playoffs? Well, probably the same thing that Don and Jay will do after the first round, general playoff thoughts, hoping that the Sabres do not win the Cup, that sort of thing. Until we are joined by our Ottawa brethren our job will be to counteract Don and Jay's sunny belief that the sens might win Lord Stanley's Mug. And just to keep the comebacks witty and relevant, yes, we both know the Leafs are not in the playoffs.

Playoff tip # 1: In their miraculous 9 year consecutive playoff appearance streak the sens have made the conference final once where they lost game 7 at home. In 12 post-seasons Bryan 'The Lisp' Murray has never made it past the second round. When Gary Roberts is scoring his 3rd game winning goal of the series to clinch it for the Penguins I am sure that that stat will find it's way back into your mind.

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