Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Playoff Memories VI: Stranglehold

The sens have a chance to get a stranglehold on the series tonight. The Lisp is confident that this year's version of the senators are different from past editions,
I know there's lots of commentary about the history, but this is a very different hockey team than I had last year, very different.
Just how different has yet to be seen. The senators problems generally have not come in the first round (unless they played Toronto or Buffalo) as they generally have faced overmatched opponents. The real test will be how they close out the series. With the way that the other series are shaping up the senators will not want to be the only team involved in a 6/7 game battle. Especially not if any other player is thinking of cutting around the net while Armstrong is on the ice.

For today's flashback we travel to 2001 when the senators travelled to Toronto down 2-0 and trying to work their way back into the series. Unfortunately for them Cory Cross (or Cory F%*#ing Cross as he is known in the Jardine household) had other ideas. The 2 seed senators would go on to be swept two days later.

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