Saturday, April 14, 2007

Playoff Memories IV: Game 2

Stupid NHL schedule. Teams are meant to play every other day. That is what makes the playoffs great. If the league is going to screw around with the schedule and throw multiple days between games around then they might as well go the NBA route and spread the series out over 3 weeks so as to make it completely impossible to get into the rhythm of the series.

Anyway, as has been noted in the comments by AGQ, MAF does not have the best record this year in games after he has been pulled. He is 0-fer-something. But he isn't the only one that will be looking to break a nasty streak. The senators have never won a game 2 when they have been leading 1-0 in games. Sure, some senator apologist will probably mention the number of times that the sens have even been up 1-0 is low (they never got up 1-0 in 2001!) but it still has to be a little troubling for sens nation. It cannot be said enough, the pens were terrible Wednesday night while the sens played almost a perfect game (except for the penalties but then their PK was good). That won't continue. Anyway, here's a flashback to 2002 and a triple OT game. The scorer of the game winning goal might look familiar. Oh an Al Strachan picked the sens to win the cup so expect to lose the next four games in a row.

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