Friday, April 13, 2007

Playoff Hate MK II

Andy, so thoroughly disgusted with the very thought of cheering for any team other than the Oilers let alone the Flames, has come out of retirement for one day only to update and re-post a screed he penned on the issue which Sager outlined.

There is no cheering for other teams especially rivals. The Playoff Memories Series is, as AGQ surmised and I will readily admit, borne out of bitterness and, I would add, hatred. That is what makes sports so wonderful. While cheering for your team is the majority of your fandom there is also the schadenfreude of seeing your rivals fail. Come playoff time, sometimes that is all you have left (see: Nations, Leaf) but at least it helps you figure out who to support. Jay and I outlined the teams that we would be loathe to see succeed and why but I would be curious to see how everyone else feels.

In other news:
Surrounded and grilled by some journalistic big-hitters yesterday was Anton Volchenkov, who on Wednesday was spectacular in his own solid way. He was asked about shot blocking techniques.
No word on whether he replied "In Russia, shot blocks you!"

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