Monday, April 23, 2007

Everybody needs to just sit down, relax and spark one up

All week, I've been Mr. Laid Back Dick to the jumpy Canuck fans around me. "So are you watching the game tonight - think they'll win?!!" the lady at the coffee shop asks me, a little nervous inflection evident in her voice. "Nah, I'm a Sens fan, just takin' it easy waiting for round two", I casually reply, as I scoff out the window at the crisply minted car flags appearing like dandelions in the parking lot. You can tell you're in a pale imitation of Hockey Country when the town clowns threaten to cite you for "excessive exuberance" following the team's victory and coverage of the annual Interspiritual Salmon Blessing trumps the Canuck's offensive woes.

Check out Canuck-Land for the latest nerve-wracked synopsis from Dr. C. We will see in a matter of hours (and hours and hours depending on whether either of these teams feel like scoring a goal) if the Curse of Bert holds up.

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