Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Optional skate day - rest those bumps and bruises...

Was it just me or did Brodeur give Heatley a little wink and a nod after he made a nice glove save on the Senators winger?
Nicks will surely skewer the PPV last night - any visitors here buy it? I heard stories from some co-workers.

Jared, they like to think they can change you. You're just a pet project for her now... a reclamation project...
I have also noticed people treating me different, one girl at the healthfood store I always go to has been extra friendly since I started wearing the hat

And, via Raking Leafs, an entertaining ranking of the NHL coaches by Greg Wyshynski - I'll even throw this one out there for you Leafers:
20. Bryan Murray, Ottawa Senators. You know you've been around the block a few times when your last Jack Adams Award came before the first "Back to the Future" film was released. A much better executive than a bench manager, Murray's coached 12 playoff teams during his career and has never gotten one of them past the second round. That's because a Bryan Murray playoff team is about as versatile as 50 Cent's acting career.

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