Friday, April 27, 2007

Playoff Memories IX: Eighth Time's the Charm

For the 8th time in franchise history the sens picked up a win in game 1. And on Saturday night they will be trying to pick up a 2-0 lead for the first time in their history. The first game can basically be thrown out (except for that 1-0 lead of course) because it didn't quite look like the Devils realized that the game had started. The sens did well to take advantage of the mental errors and to hold on once the Devils decided that they wanted to try this 'playoff hockey' thing out.

For today's flashback we go back two weeks to the last time the sens had a chance to pick up a 2-0 lead. Like last year's first round they faced a clearly overmatched opponent, on home ice no less, and still couldn't notch the two goal lead. They even managed to sow the seeds of doubt by coughing up a pair of leads in the third. Will history repeat itself?

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