Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What can I say - I'm an optimist

It's a position I've argued with anti-Sen Leaf fans who live in the Ottawa area. Feeling like a part of a victory makes it so much sweeter - cheering against the franchise in the city you've lived all your life is denying yourself of the chance to experience something fantastic. If you lived here and cheered for the Sens, and cheered for them for years, last year's run to the final was something you'll remember forever.

You've heard the history of 3-0 comebacks.

But I'm not watching this game and cheering for the Sens because I don't want to get swept. I want my team to be that third team in NHL history to come back. I want to say in 2041, when some team is down 3-0, that I was in Ottawa cheering on the Sens when they did it 33 years ago.

If they can win tonight, and the NHL historical odds for that are 0.481, we can cheer another day and think that the comeback is possible.

I say 5-1 Sens. Powerful, muscular, strong legs be damned. 2 on the PP, Malkin doesn't finish the game, and a little voice in the Pen's heads start to wonder if they can match the physical play of the Sens without their 42 year old freak.

Pregame music for this aft? I've had Stronger, Best of You, As Good As I Once Was, and Armageddon It on my brain the past few days. Music as fractured as the Sens room? Perhaps. But sometimes things come together unexpectedly - lets cheer for it today.

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