Thursday, April 03, 2008

Clippings: Apr 3

While we await todays Game Day Post, here's a small offering to get things started.

"Any time you go through a losing streak it's always hard, especially towards the end of the season," Spezza said yesterday. "We're all kind of baffled a little bit about why we're in (this slump)."
-Toronto Star.

That's the frustrated deer-in-headlights approach you like to see from one of your most talented players. If I was GM in Ottawa I would trade this choker on draft day.

"We could take the wind out of Ottawa..." said Leaf centre Matt Stajan. "It's their season on the line."
-Toronto Star.

That's the loose cocky overconfidence you like to hear from a player on a team with absolutely nothing to lose. I think a few players on Ottawa just pooped themselves a little.

Should be a good night.

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