Monday, April 07, 2008

BoOB Awards Night

Congrats to this years winners:

1. DC in YOW held a commanding lead throughout the season, taking over just prior to the break and not relinquishing it. Anshu ran him down to within 86 points, but couldn't overcome the deficit. DC, class guy that he is, wanted me to donate the value of the prize to a worthy charity. But they were purchased long ago, and as such he's still getting his gift card and I'll even throw in $50 to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the BoO.

2. SonicSurfers win the iTunes card for highest percentage points increase since the All-Star break. SS jumped 3 positions and added over 837 points to his bottom line.

3. Although our very own PPP made a valiant tank job, he was unable to pry the McCabe Memorial Award out of the cold, dead hands of Varada for Hart.

The winners can shoot me a gmail to claim their prize. Thanks for coming out, and don't forget the Battle Bench Boss and Don's Playoff Pick 'Em. There's even a $10,000 Pool for those of you on the Book of Face.

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