Friday, April 25, 2008


Looks like Gary "Sens Killer" Roberts will miss game one tonight. Too bad, he sure set the tone last series aye?

Well he is 41 years old or something... I suppose he doesn't bounce back like he used to. Say, is "Sens Killer" his real middle name?

I believe so.

That must be grating for Sens fans?

I'm sure it is. Speaking of grating, there sure is a lot of focus on Sean Avery aye? It's good to see that this big NHL love-in for soft skill-first hockey hasn't completely erased the need for good old fashioned agitators.

Ya, that gritty son-of-a-bitch is getting all the attention. Add that the Rangers are putting Colton Orr in, plus Ruutu and Laraque on the Pens side, and I think I know where most Canadians TV's will be tuned tonight.

Who are you cheering for?

Pens. For sure.

Who do you think the Sens fans will be cheering for?

Probably against Pittsburgh. They seemed very happy the Ducks were eliminated too, so the basic rule seems to be if you beat them in the playoffs, they hate you.

I don't blame them. I would probably feel the same.

I don't hate Philly though, or Jersey, or all the other teams that have sent our sad sack team packing. Yet, I hate Ottawa. This doesn't make sense? Why hate a team we always beat when it counts?

Daniel Afraidsson.

There it is.

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