Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are you ready to RUMMMM-BBLLLEEEEE?!?!?!

Game 1 in Toronto: Sens win 4-3 in OT
Game 2 in Ottawa: Sens win 3-2
Game 3 in Ottawa: Sens win 5-1
Game 4 in Toronto: Leafs win 3-0
Game 5 in Toronto: Leafs win 4-2
Game 6 in Ottawa: Leafs win 5-0
Game 7 in Ottawa: Leafs win 5-4

Sens need to win to tie the season war. They need to win by 5 to tie the season goal differential.

The game is only on PPV in Ottawa. On LeafsTV in Toronto.

Let's get some predictions posted. Keep the sticks down, elbows up.

PPP Update: Game Day Thread save this for when the sens regulars get too upset post-loss.

JAYUPDATE: Pundits are calling this a Game 7, but to me it feels more like a Game 6. We do not too bad at Game 6's.

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