Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Game Day: Bullbleep Edition

Even the happy-go-lucky face of the franchise couldn't contain his frustration in the scrum yesterday. Clearly (hopefully?) 79 games of inconsistent play, including the most recent imitation of the performance that put John Paddock out of his misery, have the boys a tad testy. The threat of missing the playoffs looms, however, if you see a Hab fan trolling, it's helpful to point out to them that the Northeast is yet to be clinched (tie would go to the Sens).

Don Brennan's in the April Fool's spirit again, this time calling for Ray Emery to take over with the clock running down on the season. I think that fork in the road has been passed some distance back, although I've no particular preference for the league's 32nd best GAA over the 43rd best GAA. The only GM who's ever attempted to fix the Senators perennial mediocre tender pairings was John Muckler when he brought in Hasek. Since we'll be stuck in the default position for at least another season, it's worth knowing for absolute certain whether Muckler's second attempt can produce any legacy out of his career other than having the best seat in the house for three of the last four Stanley Cup Finals.

Sens 5, Habs 1 (Spezza, Donovan, Neil, Vermette, Fisher). Following through on Carbo's plea to the media, injuries will henceforth be referred to as Upper Body Volchenkovs.

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